Lighting solution

Let There Be Smart Light.

Smart Switches

Experience unmatched speed as you power down all household appliances in every room within seconds.
By adopting smart switches, you can gain control over your existing non-smart lights, fans, water heater, and more.
Easily manage your lights with a simple tap from your device, no matter where you are in your home. Effortlessly integrate essential appliances into your smart home setup with swift and seamless ease.
Convenience with a single touch or voice commands.

Smart Lights

Craft an enchanting ambiance in your home with customizable colors and dynamic scenes. Smart lighting offers more than traditional lighting ever could. Enjoy effortless control, energy efficiency, and personalized ambiance.
Create scenes to match your mood with a palette of 16 million colors.
Let your lighting respond to events such as alarms by changing colors or flickering.
Sync it with music or movies to elevate the entertainment atmosphere. With the added convenience of remote control and scheduling options, you have complete mastery over your lighting system.
All at your fingertips.
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