Environment Solution

Everything at your fingertips.


Indulge in ultimate cooling comfort with a smart fan that offers remote control, voice command integration, and energy-saving features.

Kitchen Appliance

Experience increased efficiency, convenience, and safety as it can turn off unattended hob flames, even when you're away. This appliance can detect and respond to potential hazards, adding an extra layer of protection.

Smart Shades

Imagine waking up to a gentle ambiance as your smart shades automatically open to welcome the morning sun, ensuring you start your day refreshed and energized. Easily control these intelligent window coverings from anywhere, whether you're at home, the office, or even on vacation.

Smart Sockets

Enjoy the convenience of power sockets that simplify appliance use for the whole family, encouraging a minimalist lifestyle. Rest assured with Patented Interlocking Safety Technology and finger-proof opening. These premium materials with a scratch-resistant surface treatment are designed for lasting durability.

Smart Sensors

Enhance your home's safety and security with an advanced sensor system.Stay instantly informed about potential hazards at home and prioritizeyour loved ones' well-being with our reliable monitoring solution fora worry-free environment.

Fall Detection

Utilize the presence sensor by mounting it on the ceiling and enabling Falling Detection mode. The sensor will alert you through the app as soon as a family member falls within the designated area. Safeguard your loved ones' health proactively with this smart, accurate, and efficient method.

Air Quality Monitoring

Reduce headaches, enhance focus, and breathe cleaner air with an indoor air quality monitor. Gain better control over your family's air quality, detecting harmful airborne particles and safeguarding them from dangerous allergens and chemicals.

Smart Air Purifier

Elevate your living environment for a healthier and more comfortable life. Benefit from advanced filtration, real-time monitoring, remote control, energy efficiency, and allergy relief.

Smart Plug

Transform any regular appliance into a smart one by connecting it to a smart plug. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling, monitoring, and managing your devices from anywhere, saving energy and simplifying your daily life.


Replace all your remote controls and manage all your devices through a single smartphone interface for ultimate convenience.

Wi-Fi Control Box

Effortlessly control lights, appliances, and devices from anywhere with a Wi-Fi control box. Experience the convenience of automation and peace of mind at your fingertips.

Smart Voice Assistants

Discover the convenience of hands-free home control with a voice assistant.

A Home That Assists

From smart lights to smart locks, Google Home unites devices and services from Google and your favorite brands to create a personalized smart home that assists with your tasks.

Home Control

Get the help you need right when you need it. Simply talk, touch, or tap to control individual smart devices, entire rooms, or your entire home from anywhere, using your voice or phone.

The Google Home App

Customize and automate your setup, making it more organized, connected, and secure than ever before. The app provides a tailored view of your home's status, allowing you to pin your favorite smart devices and control them all in one place.

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