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Our main development center is at Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are smart, ambitious, and have the appetite to learn new stuff and do what it takes, we have an opening for you. What we need is self-motivated and self-driven software developers.

If you are not intimidated by ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, Java and all the other buzz-words, you are the right person we are looking for. Our primary areas of interest are Application Development, Web Design, Network Management, and User Interfaces.

If you are a good programmer, but do not enough experience, we will turn you up side down so that you will have what it takes. You will know it only takes another step ahead to be able to do these. We take pride in our ability to train people. We are always opening our doors for new bright ideas. Our projects involved in various location of Indonesia, so do not hesitate to email us.

Feel free to email us your resume at : info@9cubes.com

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